Iseli BNP200 commissioned at Affutage NJR June 2024

Iseli BNP200 commissioned at Affutage NJR June 2024

June 16, 2024

 NJR have increased their shop space and purchased Iseli equipment for their saw servicing tasks

The machinery commissioning took place over a two day period


Above Eric left, Nicolas right

They obtained one new BNP200 from Thode Canada which is complete with tooth profile scanning as well as purchasing elsewhere a second hand BNP200 and a Iseli RZ1 benching station. 

 The profile tracing installed on the new BNP200 proves to be a really worthwhile investment as it saves so much time in creating programs for the various saws and also catered for the frost notch teeth.

The second hand machine did not have that feature but it is very easy to transfer the programs to that machine using a USB flash drive.

Both Thode & Iseli thank NJR for their trust in them & the Iseli product

For further info on the Iseli range, please contact your area rep