A World Leader in Saw Shop Machinery

July 29, 2020

Thode has been very busy in recent times with Saw shop machinery upgrades. Partnered with Iseli who are recognised as the world leader in Sawmill saw shop machinery Thode has delivered more saw shop solutions to industry in the past three years than it did in the previous ten years.

This is a result of unprecedented research and development at Iseli’s headquarters in Switzerland resulting in full suite state of the art saw shop solutions. The key benefits of the upgrades are more exacting precision through full CNC equipped machines with oil flood and fire suppression options. They now have much tighter tolerances enabling sharper cutting edges from CBN grinding wheels which have a life measured in years instead of days.

The CBN wheels don’t need regular dressing and hold their shape for extremely long periods keeping consistency and coupled with oil flood the chance of heating is greatly reduced and maintenance costs are minimal compared to emulsion water based flooding.

With the sharper saws they run longer and need less material removed when regrinding resulting in a reduction of saws being purchased (another savings).

Another key benefit is healthier clean high tech saw shops which attract new entrants into the saw doctoring trade.

At Thode’s Bandsaw manufacturing plant based in Rotorua New Zealand there was a real issue attracting talented trainees prior to the major upgrade undertaken three years ago when the plant was relocated to their current premises on Te Ngae Rd. This facility is state of the art encompassing Australasia’s only bandsaw CNC water jet cutting technology coupled with Iseli’s suite of machines producing the highest quality of saws available today.

Thode now has no concerns attracting new trainee’s and in fact has taken on five new young trainees’ in the last twelve months. What we are noticing is the very quick time frame the new staff are achieving operational competencies particularly with the touch screen CNC machines where as the old days getting to a productive level took much longer as staff had to learn the quirks of each machine due to differential internal wear etc.

Iseli makes the worlds best level and tension machine being the famous RZ1 which has enabled a high degree of consistency with customers reporting an increase of production and less saw shop labour.

Thode is now selling water jet cut bandsaws across New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands and more recently into Canada. Thode is also the authorised Iseli agent for Canada operating from its base in British Columbia.

With Thode as the supplier of saws and where the purchaser of those saws also utilise the same CNC technology there is a syncing of repeat saw profiles which need little time spent in the mill saw shop compared to the old days of miss match of profiles from differing cam wear and wheel shapes etc.

Should you wish to talk with Thode about the benefits of upgrading your saw shop please contact a Thode representative.